StercheleGroupĀ® (trademark registered by Sterchele S.p.A. and S.D. S.r.l.) is the natural evolution of a deeply rooted synergy between two companies that have contributed to writing the history of prefabrication in Italy: Sterchele S.p.A., founded in 1962 as a manufacturer of components for industrialized and prefabricated buildings where, over the decades, has brought many innovations by evolving many products from the stage of novelty to complete industrial and commercial maturity; the S.D. Srl, established in 1981 as a manufacturer of metal structural work but which soon became, gradually but in an all-encompassing way, the largest national producer of PREM beams, bringing the most significant innovations to the product and becoming the Only Manufacturer in Italy of Trays PREM both of structural category a) (Mixed Steel Concrete) and structural category b) (Reinforced Concrete). The collaboration between the two companies has led, over time, to a specialization of the first in the production and construction of structural Structural Systems and the second in their engineering and marketing. At the same time, Sterchele S.p.A. has evolved into the production of prefabricated bathroom cells and has developed a branch of activity in the resale of building materials and ceramics with lots of "turnkey" proposals, especially in renovations. Therefore, StercheleGroupĀ® offers three lines of products and services: Structural Construction Systems, Prefabricated Bath Cells and Building Materials and Construction Sites. All three lines are offered both with the single supply and with a Lay-in-Service service.

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Sterchele SpA Creazzo

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Creazzo -
0444 278161

Services: Laying, Design, Restoration, Parking, Delivery, Warranty, advice

Sterchele SpA Isola Vicentina

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Isola Vicentina -
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Services: Laying, Design, Restoration, Parking, Delivery, Warranty, advice