Idrocentro Spa

Idrocentro SPA, founded in February 1976, has been operating successfully for more than thirty years in the field of hydraulic, thermal, sanitary and bathroom supply, air conditioning and conditioning, heating, building supplies and fittings for swimming pools, gyms, irrigation, hospitals and for the disabled. In order to provide an increasingly complete service, Idrocentro has increased its offer by developing new brands dedicated to specific sectors. UNIMETAL: specialized in the production of civil and industrial plumbing, corrugated roofing and façade cladding. AAENERGY: solutions to produce, conserve, supply new energy from renewable sources, biomass, solar, photovoltaic, geothermal. ABITARE: building materials, production and bending of iron for reinforced concrete, construction products, from insulation (external, cellulose) to tiles, bricks, premixed materials, plasterboard, bio-building products. ALGECOLLECTION: the showcase of Idrocentro, dedicated to the bathroom, wellness and tile furnishing sector, offers the best brands offering in its showrooms various settings and a specialized and personalized consultancy. EVAC: specialized in complete supplies for ventilation systems (VMC and air conditioning) SOURGES DES EAUX: deals with rainwater treatment and recovery and water purification. ESI: specialized in addition to the supply of both private and public in-ground pools, above-ground pools, but with an eye on agricultural irrigation and fertigation supplies, residential and public irrigation. BAGGI LUX: specialized in the production of ultralight resin skylights and in the production of natural smoke and heat evacuators. 500 people work throughout the group.

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Idrocentro Borgo San Dalmazzo

Via Cuneo 92/A - 12011 - View on the map
Cascina Sciolla - Cuneo - Cuneo -
0171 261121

Idrocentro Genova

Via di Francia, 9 - 16149 - View on the map
Cornigliano Ligure - Genova - Genova -
010 463637

Idrocentro Milano

Via Privata Benadir 22 - 20132 - View on the map
Cascina Metalino - Vimodrone - Milano -
02 35925222

Idrocentro Olbia

Zona Industriale Settore 3, Via Libia ang. Via Corea - 07026 - View on the map
Cabu Abbas - Olbia - Sassari -
0789 595019

Idrocentro Settimo Torinese

Via Santa Cristina 30 - 10036 - View on the map
San Giorgio - Settimo Torinese - Torino -
011 8957147